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Entry #2

Concepty-ness Time is Now

2009-07-13 01:15:28 by gogojimbo

No Art Portal for this, since it's a mere concept art. And mine usually turn out pretty shitty. I like it though. AND? He has backstory. His name is General Organic?! and yes, you must use the ?!. Pretty pls or you'll spontaneously combust.

Readreadread about him here, it will make me incredibly happy inside (and for a waaay bigger and higher quality picture):

Concepty-ness Time is Now


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2009-07-15 21:44:15

LOL I put my concept art in the portal and its not as good as this.

I love your art and your style ...its sooo cool! I think I'll check out your div-art page.

gogojimbo responds:

Heh, thanks!


2009-08-03 01:11:06

this general organic.....?! idea seems funny i read that stuff on DA. its very wacky, i suppose it would make a great flash cartoon!